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Spartanburg County to expand broadband access in rural areas

By March 22, 2022No Comments

Source: Channel 7 WSPA

SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – Internet access may improve soon in rural areas of Spartanburg County. The County Council voted Monday to spend $4 million in American Rescue Plan funding to expand broadband access in rural areas.

“We learned, during the pandemic, how lacking we were in broadband when you get outside the municipalities,” said Councilman David Britt.

The county will now select a broadband carrier to work with, which will put up an additional $10 million to make this project happen. The carrier will then survey the areas and decide how to install the technology.

“This infrastructure is almost comparative to electricity in the 1920s,” said Councilman Justin McCorkle.

“There are lot of people spending a lot of time at home who need this service that we don’t provide in these rural areas, and they can’t afford to do it,” added Councilman Bob Walker.

The county estimates this project will provide internet access to more than 3,500 homes.

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