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November 2019

Medicare Remote Patient Monitoring: CMS Finalizes New Code and General Supervision

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-National Law Review

CMS just released the 2020 final rule with changes to remote patient monitoring (RPM), officially titled “Chronic Care Remote Physiologic Monitoring,” reimbursed under the Medicare program, as part of the Physician Fee Schedule changes. The changes, proposed earlier this year, have been hotly-anticipated by digital health companies hoping to see more clarity and flexibility for RPM services.

CMS finalized two changes, both of which are effective January 1, 2020:

  1. RPM can be furnished “incident to” under general supervision; and
  2. CPT Code 99458 is a new add-on code for patients who receive an additional 20 minutes of RPM services in a given month (i.e., 40 minutes of RPM services).Click here to read the entire article.