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February 2017

Congress to Revisit School-Based Telehealth Legislation

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-mHealth Intelligence

“The Hallways to Health Act, first proposed in 2016, would help school districts launch telehealth partnerships with community health centers and create a telehealth demonstration project.

Two Michigan senators have re-introduced a bill that aims to boost telehealth services in schools by connecting them with community health centers and providing more avenues for reimbursement.

The Hallways to Health Act, co-sponsored by Sens. Debbie Stabenow and Gary Peters, would also create a demonstration project to expand telehealth access in schools and in medically underserved areas.”

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2017 Telehealth Implementation and Evaluation Grant

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Deadline: February 13, 2017
Download the packet here.


The South Carolina Telehealth Alliance (SCTA) has allocated funds for five $20,000 awards for
telehealth1-based pilot projects that aim to accelerate the adoption, utilization, and investigation of
telehealth interventions across South Carolina. This funding is intended to provide assistance to
South Carolina clinicians and researchers in their efforts to develop, implement, and evaluate
telehealth solutions. Preference will be given to applications for projects that have 1) the potential
to be scalable and sustainable, 2) save costs while improving care, 3) are in line with the healthcare
needs of South Carolina, and 4) aim to improve the equitable distribution of telehealth services
across South Carolina.