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SC House reps look to spend $2.5B in federal pandemic aid

By August 20, 2021No Comments

Source: The News & Observer

South Carolina lawmakers are considering all the ways they could spend the $2.5 billion in federal pandemic relief dollars that will soon flow into the state.

A group of House representatives met for the first time Tuesday to learn about how much COVID-19 aid the state is getting and what the money can and can’t be used on. South Carolina senators have formed a separate group to consider how best to use the funds.

We’re not making any decisions today,” said Rep. Bruce Bannister, who chairs the special committee. “This is going to be a fairly in-depth process.”

The relief money comes with some strings: the state can’t put it in pension funds, or use it to offset revenue lost due to a change in tax laws.

But there are many other ways lawmakers can spend the cash, from bolstering water and sewage systems across the state to replacing lost pandemic revenue. The money can also be used to assist households, small businesses and nonprofits, and industries hard-hit by the pandemic such as tourism and hospitality.

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