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S.C. Rep. Williams seeking $59.1 million in funding for Hampton, Jasper counties

By March 16, 2022No Comments

Source:  Bluffton Today

By:  Michael M. DeWitt, Jr.

From recreation to education, from community centers to international commerce hubs, South Carolina Representative Shedron Williams is seeking millions in state funding for the people he represents in Hampton and Jasper counties.

 Ahead of the S.C. House of Representatives debate on the state budget later this month, Rep. Williams (D-Hampton) has made several budget requests totaling more than $59.1 million. The largest of those request include a $37 million investment in facilities in the newly consolidated Hampton County School District and $7 million for the Jasper port.

“With the influx of federal funds coming to our state on top of a surplus, this year’s budget presents an opportunity to make historic investments in education and other neglected projects in our state,” Williams said.

“All I can do is ask and be at the table,” Williams stated in an email to The Hampton County Guardian, but added that “We are expecting the majority of the items.”

While Williams priorities include a countywide recreation/health and wellness center in Hampton County as well as improvements to Lake Warren State Park, here is a full breakdown of all of Williams’ requests:

Southern Carolina Alliance

$700,000 for a rail crossing at the Southern Carolina Industrial Park. This item is a must for the full development of the new agribusiness that is promising 1,500 jobs, said Williams.

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