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Community-based Healthcare Model is ‘Invaluable’ to Patients Managing Heart Failure

By March 9, 2023No Comments

Source: SCETV

Community Paramedicine is a healthcare model that brings paramedics into the homes of patients for non-emergent reasons to help with access to health care.

In South Carolina, the Community Paramedicine program at Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System has had a big impact on the lives of heart failure patients. Due to the debilitating symptoms of congestive heart failure, many patients struggle to travel to the Heart Failure Clinic for their care. But now a community paramedic makes home visits to provide follow-up care and facilitate a telehealth visit with their nurse practitioner located in the clinic. Using a digital stethoscope, the paramedic assesses the patient while a nurse practitioner can hear heart and lung sounds in real time.

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