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Carr Welcomes Launch of Round 2 of FCC’s COVID-19 Telehealth Program

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Carr Welcomes Launch of Round 2 of FCC’s COVID-19 Telehealth Program

FCC Seeking Comment on Additional $250 Million for Successful Telehealth Initiative

WASHINGTON, DC, January 6, 2021—Today, the FCC released a Public Notice seeking comment on how to allocate an additional $250 million that Congress recently appropriated for the FCC’s COVID-19 Telehealth Program.  This new funding will allow the FCC to launch a second round of this successful telehealth initiative, building on the $200 million that Congress provided and the FCC awarded through this telehealth program last year.

Commissioner Carr has been leading the FCC’s efforts to develop telehealth initiatives that enable Americans to access high-quality care from their homes or anywhere outside the confines of a health care facility.  The FCC’s COVID-19 Telehealth Program builds off of those efforts.

“Over two years ago, we identified a new trend in telehealth,” Commissioner Carr stated.  “The delivery of high-quality care is no longer limited to the confines of traditional brick-and-mortar facilities.  With smartphones and other connected devices, Americans can now access health care services right from their homes or anywhere they have an Internet connection.  FCC staff have worked tirelessly to support this new trend in care, and the agency’s work to stand up the FCC’s COVID-19 Telehealth Program has been part of those efforts.  Congress has recognized that delivering care at a distance is part of the bright future for telehealth.  And it has now authorized an additional $250 million for the FCC to allocate through a second round of this successful program.

“I have had the chance to meet with many of the health care heroes that received Round 1 funding, and the FCC’s Telehealth Program provided them with critical support as they saw demand for telehealth services skyrocket in the wake of COVID-19.  I look forward to working with my FCC colleagues as we launch a second round of this successful initiative.”




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