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Digital Inclusion Programs Testimonials

“This was an excellent class and really increased my technology. I am looking forward to checking with my doctor about telehealth, Face timing my grandchildren and using Google.”

Liller HamiltonBarnwell County Participant

“I knew about the basics, but a learned a lot more. The class held my attention. I’m glad to know about telehealth and connecting to my doctor from home. The instructors were nice and pleasant.”

Mary Etta WashingtonRichland County Participant

“The most important thing to me is learning how to have a telehealth visit without going to the doctor’s office. I wish I would have had this class and the tablet before I had COVID last year.”

Emma ChandlerRichland County Participant

“Very beautiful! A lot of senior citizens are not versed in computers and the internet. It’s a great opportunity to get connected to family and friends and even the rest of the world – it’s unlimited! I’m planning on using telehealth. It’s good to have the opportunity to talk to my doctor without having to go to his office. I am self-taught. I have internet access at home, but my laptop is messed up so its good to have this tablet. I want to take some classes now and would want to help someone else.”

Henry SingletonAllendale County Participant

“I was diagnosed 5 years ago as a diabetic and have been wanting to connect with Donna Avant for Diabetes Education but did not have a device to connect with her. I am so excited to connect with her so that I can improve my health.”

Dorothy LingardAllendale County Participant

“I am so excited about the things I have learned during this class like email and taking pictures. I am looking forward to using my device so I can expand my knowledge. I just want to say how much I appreciate PCC taking the time to train us as seniors and give us the tools to use in our everyday life.”

Yvonne CohenAllendale County Participant

“I have learned a lot from this class. I am looking forward to connecting to my kidney doctor through telehealth.”

Loretta CapersHampton County Participant

“I had some computer knowledge, but this help expand my knowledge because I had no idea about Telehealth.”

April HightowerAllendale County Participant

“I have enjoyed the instructor and the staff. They have been so patient with me because I did not have computer knowledge. I am already enjoying using email.”

Shirley WalkerHampton County Participant

“I really enjoyed the staff and how helpful they were in helping me. I am working on my GED now so I am excited I will have a computer to continue furthering my education”

India TwymanBamberg County Participant

“I am learning a lot. I wanted to be here because my grandchildren know how to use computers and I don’t. Now I can get on, take photos, and email.”

Grace CreechBarnwell County Participant

“My wife handled all the bills and finances. When she passed away from cancer in 2021, I had to learn how to do it. This class helped me so much. Learning the basics on the computer, email and internet has been very beneficial!”

Travis ThomasBamberg County Participant

“My mother has cancer and must ride transportation to her doctor in Orangeburg. I now have a device that I can help her connect with her providers. This will keep her from being exposed to illnesses while her immune system is weak. I am very appreciative to PCC for the tools.”

Hattie WhiteBamberg County Participant

“The instructors presented the training well. I have an old computer it does not have a camera. I am glad to have this new device with a camera because I can try to connect with the VA through Telehealth.”

David WalkerHampton County Participant

“This class teaches the basics but also teach safety skills. I was taken by identity theft a couple of years ago because of clicking on pop ups. The skills we learned here will help us stay safe. I plan to use this computer for online college classes. I want to do telehealth because of gas prices, etc. This class will be beneficial for a lot of people!”

Melissa GrubbsBarnwell County Participant