National School-based Health Care Awareness Month

In observance of School-based Health Care Awareness Month, PCC is highlighting school-based telehealth. School-based telehealth allows students to connect with a health care provider virtually while in the school setting. To learn more about school-based telehealth in South Carolina, visit . If your school would like to implement school-based telehealth, contact Palmetto Care Connections at 803-245-2672.

School-based Health Care Awareness Month Spotlight

Palmetto Care Connections (PCC) would like to congratulate Savannah Brown, RN, on winning the Telehealth Challenge. Savannah is a dedicated school nurse serving students at Bamberg Ehrhardt High School (BEHS).  All schools within the Bamberg County School District have telehealth equipment and are connected virtually to the local rural health clinic, Bamberg Family Practice.  Health care providers at Bamberg Family Practice can treat students virtually in each of the schools, making it more convenient and accessible for students and parents.

Savannah thinks telehealth is important to our community because it provides a means of healthcare when others may not have the option to travel to be seen by a provider. “I have been able to offer both students and staff an option for going to the doctor, here at school, not having to worry about parents needing to miss work to take their child to the doctor for something that can be done via telehealth. I love that I have this option here to offer them. I would recommend telehealth to other schools because there are many things that students need a doctor for but may not be able to get there. Having this option sets students up for success; they only miss 15 minutes of class versus hours in school. It is a very beneficial tool to have.”  According to Mr. Jordan Smith, Principal at Bamberg Ehrhardt High School, “Schools, especially in small towns, often function as the center of a community. Utilizing telehealth at BEHS has made a positive impact on the partnership between the classroom and the home.  Nurse Brown is more than a school nurse to us; she is a community leader who cares about our students with the same intent she cares for her own.  Thank you, Palmetto Care Connections (PCC), for recognizing Nurse Brown.” Click here to read more.