Palmetto Care Connections’ Digital Inclusion Solutions help close the digital divide for residents in rural and underserved areas of South Carolina by increasing internet access and affordability, and connecting individuals to quality of life resources which can combat social isolation, enhance knowledge and improve health. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to light the severity of the Digital Divide in South Carolina, especially in rural and low-income communities. As federal, state and local leaders work diligently to expand broadband access to more and more rural and underserved communities, there is an increasing need for digital literacy education and digital inclusion. Digital Literacy refers to an individual’s ability to use information and communication technologies to find, evaluate, create and communicate information. Affordable access to the internet, digital devices, technical support and training are all important elements of digital inclusion.

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The class settles in as Carroll Brabham prepares her lesson. It is a literacy class, but not for a spoken language. She looks out at her students, all of whom are older than she.

Thanks to funding from Rural LISC and the South Carolina Department on Aging, PCC is teaching senior citizens in rural and underserved areas of S.C. how to use digital tablets including telehealth technology. Click here to learn more.

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Barnwell County Participants

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Digital Literacy Programs Testimonials

“Very beautiful! A lot of senior citizens are not versed in computers and the internet. It’s a great opportunity to get connected to family and friends and even the rest of the world – it’s unlimited! I’m planning on using telehealth. It’s good to have the opportunity to talk to my doctor without having to go to his office. I am self-taught. I have internet access at home, but my laptop is messed up so its good to have this tablet. I want to take some classes now and would want to help someone else.”

Henry SingletonAllendale County Participant

“This was an excellent class and really increased my technology. I am looking forward to checking with my doctor about telehealth, Face timing my grandchildren and using Google.”

Liller HamiltonBarnwell County Participant

“I knew about the basics, but a learned a lot more. The class held my attention. I’m glad to know about telehealth and connecting to my doctor from home. The instructors were nice and pleasant.”

Mary Etta WashingtonRichland County Participant

““The most important thing to me is learning how to have a telehealth visit without going to the doctor’s office. I wish I would have had this class and the tablet before I had COVID last year.””

Emma ChandlerWilliamsburg County Participant